RaspiScope prototype circuit board

RaspiScope first prototype PCB is a four layer PCB from pcbcart.com with blue soldermask.

The interactive PCB layer presentation below has copper flood fill left out (unflooded) to make it easier to track routes.

PCBCART order options

Here are a full order specifications from PCBCART

Material: FR4
Layers: 4
Material Details: Standard Tg 140C
Reorder Status *:
Board Size (width) *: 130.56 mm
Board Size (height) *: 57.66 mm
Quantity: 50  pcs
Different Design in Panel *:
Route Process *:
Thickness (Finished Board): 1.6 mm
Layer Stack: As pcbcart default
Impedance Control: No
Surface Finish: HASL -Hot Air Solder Leveling
Outer Layer Copper Weight (Finished): 35 um
Inner Layer Copper Weight: 35 um
Min. Tracing/Spacing: 0.20 mm
Min. Annular Ring: 0.25 mm
Smallest Holes: 0.40 mm
Holes Number: Under 300
Buried/Blind Vias: No
Times of Buried/Blind Via:
Surface Mount: 2 sides
Soldermask: Both Sides
Peelable Soldermask: None
Soldermask Color: Blue
Matt Color (only add to Green or Black): None
Silkscreen Legend: 2 sides
Silkscreen Legend Color: White
Gold Fingers: No
Gold Fingers Chamfer: None
Slots/cutouts in Board: No Slot in Board
Testing: Yes
UL Marking *: No
Date Code Marking *: No

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