RaspiScope Prototype PCB (Bare PCB)

RaspiScope PCB
RaspiScope PCB

Prototype PCB

Bare PCB with no components in it. If you want to build your own custom board with your own components, here’s the board straight from PCBCART.com factory.

Notice that if you want to use the card edge mounted Amphenol BNC Jack, the PCB must be milled 1mm narrower, do not buy this board!

RaspiScope PCB

Prototype PCB (milled off 1mm from edge)

This is bare PCB only with no components int it. BNC connectors in picture are just for an example, that the PCB can hold several different BNC jack connectors.
To use card edge mounted Amphenol BNC Jack, this PCB has 1mm milled from its BNC connector edge.


BNC options
RaspiScope BNC options

BNC options

RaspiScope Bare PCB
Product Options
1Bare PCB$19.2615
2"Milled edge" Bare PCB$22.0015
Shipping Rate: A
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